• 50 PLUS

    "Age should speak; advanced years should teach wisdom."-Job 32:7

    50 Plus is an organization of senior adults that encourages fellowship with one another and community activity. 

    Monthly and yearly events promote awareness and involvement in ministry and missions.


    Women’s Ministry is designed to meet the complex needs of today’s woman. As women grow and mature in godliness, they are better

    equipped to nurture and serve their families, to enrich the church, and to evangelize their communities.

                    The goals of Women’s Ministry are to:

    1. Grow in our relationship with the Lord

    2. Serve Him with our Christian sisters

    3. Minister to the world around us under the leadership of the Holy Spirit


    The mission of the Men’s Ministry is to develop Spiritually strong men. Through Biblical education and doctrinally sound teaching, the Men’s Ministry exists to develop men into Godly husbands, fathers, and leaders to serve Christ both at home and in the community.