Listed below are areas of Christian service in Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a place to serve, there is a link provided that will lead you to the appropriate website. If you need more information, please contact the church office.

  • Seek his kingdom Ministry

    Seek His Kingdom Ministry is a ministry ran by Scott and Lesha Stephens. They temporarily assists others by helping to meet their immediate need. Our vision is to show compassion, as Christ has shown to us. They are also involved in prison ministry, where they go into local prisons and share the gospel. 

    Listed below are areas where you can serve alongside them:

    • Donaldson Prison- Character Concepts class                                                                         

               Monday mornings 7am-11am. Men volunteers only. Assisting Scott Stephens in leading                 the class. Further requirements for entry and training will be needed to serve. See Scott                 for more details.                                                                                                                                        

    • Tuscaloosa County Jail Ministry                                                                                               

               Tuesday Nights 5:30pm-7:15pm. Serving alongside preachers as the share the gospel with                the inmates. Click on the link below to fill out the application required for clearance. 


    • Shepherd’s Fold Incarceration Transition Discipleship

              Come to Jefferson County with us and spend an hour on Thursday evening pouring into                the lives of men who need mentors and love showing what it means to be a Follower of                Christ!


  • International Ministries

    There are opportunities right here in Tuscaloosa by adopting an international student from the University of Alabama. It takes just a little time and a lot of love. 

  • Clara Verner Sunday Evening Church

    We are bringing the church of Ridgecrest mobile on Sunday Evening for those who are unable to travel! This is another opportunity to disciple those restricted by various life circumstances. Tuscaloosa here we come!